Helping to make science and engineering accessible for all

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Science is everywhere

Nanogirl loves science, she has dedicated her life to it, and wants to show the world that science doesn’t have to happen in a classroom at school, but science can be everywhere.  From making a volcano by mixing vinegar and baking soda in the kitchen, to collecting and measuring rainwater in the garden, science is all about learning how the world around us works.

The language of science

Nanogirl hears people say that science is hard or confusing and she wants to help to change that perception.  Scientists sometimes use big, long words, that can intimidate and confuse people but Nanogirl wants the world to know that each of these worlds can be replaced with much smaller words to help describe the science.  Understanding the language of science is just like learning any new language, it takes time, practice and sometimes a good teacher will really help.

Why science is important

Science is important, even if you are not a scientists as there are many decisions that you have to make each day which are based on scientific evidence or data.  Medicines that doctors prescribe, climate change and vaccinations are just a few of them, and understanding science will help you to make the right decision for your life.

Nanogirls Explosive Live Science Show!

One hour of science where Nanogirl blows things up, blows things over and blows your mind!

NanoGirl brings big science to the stage for her explosive live show!
Covering Bernoulli’s principle, firing a massive air vortex cannon, holding fire in her hands and exploding thousands of ping pong balls, this show has science like you’ve never seen it before!  Safe for all ages, this family friendly show shows you simple experiments you can do at  home.

100 Days Project

Every day for 100 days, Nanogirl carried out a different science experiment with a different person too show that it’s easy to do science every day and most of the time it’s really fun.  The goal of this project was to raise awareness of science experiments at home and how they can help us to understand how the world works around us.