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Dr Michelle Dickinson is passionate about sharing her views that

science doesn’t have to happen in a classroom at school, but instead

that science is everywhere and for everyone.

As part of her push to increase confidence around science, engage more public interaction with the subject and promote diverse role models in science and engineering she created the character Nanogirl – a science-savvy female who uses her engineering skills to solve her way out of challenges in life.

Knowledge has been handed down through generations by storytelling and we believe that Nanogirl is a powerful tool to use live storytelling combined with immersive science experiments to take the audience on a science adventure.













Nanogirl can be found touring the world as part of the NanoGirl Live Science show – the world’s only female led science story show that features academically trained female scientists and engineers playing Nanogirl on stage.


She can teach your children how to use household craft items to build new inventions through Nanogirls Lab.

Nanogirl also has her own TV show Nanogirl and the Imaginauts and her own Podcast Nanogirl’s Great Science Adventures.

Nanogirl is also trying to help address some of the cultural issues surrounding science engagement by Indigenous peoples starting at home in New Zealand.

Mātātoa is our bilingual te reo Māori live science show that tells stories of legends and pūrākau through science (pūtaiao).  It’s frustrating when western scientists “discover” what indigenous people have known for centuries through disciplines including mātauranga Māori so we built Mātātoa to help to try and bring these two communities together through a shared learning journey.



Inspiring children to build superpowers

through science

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