Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love of science and engineering. Her background in Biomedical and Materials Engineering have combined her interests in both biology and materials science to give her a unique insight into how nature and technology can learn from each other for future scientific developments. Currently you can find her as a senior lecturer in Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Michelle has always followed her dreams and never let traditional stereotypes scare her and she strongly believes that everyone should have access to learning about science and how things work, regardless of what your education level is.

Member of New Zealand Order of Merit Michelle was winner of the Women of Influence award for science and innovation in 2016, was awarded the Sir Peter Blake Leadership in 2015 and was winner of the Prime Ministers Science Media Communication Prize and the New Zealand Association of Scientists Science Communicators Award in 2014.

Michelle strongly believes that science should be open, transparent and a topic of conversation over the dinner table, not just the lab bench, and her vision is to create positive role models in the world that our children can aspire to be like.


Michelle is also a firm believer that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, if you work hard enough and find great people to share your journey.  Some people call that liking a challenge but to her it is a way of life. Whether it’s her favourite sports of kitesurfing, rock climbing and mountain biking, or working towards finding a solution for a science-related question, Michelle is always looking for new challenges.

In the fascinating world of science and technology, we are living in a continually evolving world and by continuously asking questions and constantly seeking answers, each day we learn something new and progress further into a life filled with discovery.