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Keeping your kids busy at home

Homeschooling has become a much more prominent feature for many families since the COVID-19 pandemic, and what looked like it might have been a temporary solution is becoming an ongoing challenge with repeated lockdowns and outbreak scares.

I'm often asked to suggest simple science experiments for kids to do at home, so much so that I wrote a book of my favourites and it's just been released in the US1

Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects is a new book by me, Michelle Dickinson and is full of hands-on experiments that involve kitchen items.

Designed to be pulled out by parents and grandparents when looking for things to keep littles ones occupied, each experiment is written up like a recipe and uses only things commonly found around the house.

No science degrees needed here as all of the explanations are provided in simple and easy to understand language. All you need is a passion for fun and learning and if you are completing the edible experiments an empty tummy!

To read more about the book check out this piece on Time for Kids.

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