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iPhone double tap hack - perfect for COVID QR code scanning

many of us are using QR codes scanning apps like NZ COVID tracer or COVID SAfe to check in to locations for track and trace systems.

For me, opening the app can involve multiple screen taps but here is a simple hack to open the app quickly using the double tap shortcut on any iPhone model 8 and newer.

Just follow this instructions in the video to set up the hack, or use the written instructions below to make opening any commonly used app as simple as a double tap!

How to set up the double tap function:

  1. Go to the Shortcuts app on your phone. Click ‘add a new shortcut’ followed by ‘add an action’. Then go to scripting.

  2. Open the app section and click on the app that you want to make a shortcut for – in my case the Covid Tracer app.

  3. Give the shortcut a name - I call mine COVID

  4. Next go to the Settings app and tap on accessibility.

  5. Click ‘touch’, scroll through until you see ‘back tap’. Click on ‘double tap’ and assign it to the shortcut you created and named in step 2.

You can use this hack for any app that you use regularly, including your camera app for the next time you want to snap something quickly!

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