Our group, located at the University of Auckland specialises in studying the mechanical properties, chemistry and structure of nano-materials, biological materials, and thin films in addition to standard macro sized materials.

In plain English – we measure how hard or soft things are….really tiny things!

We employ a variety of experimental techniques, mostly involving probe and indentation in combination with scanning and imaging.

We are always challenging the current boundaries of probe testing techniques, especially in biological testing where fluid environments, adhesion and realistic test conditions are always an issue.

Our group is also interested in the size scale effects shown in nanoscale materials when compared to their bulk form and the quantitative measurement of properties of individual nanostructures.

We want to understand why things behave really differently when they are small compared to when they are big.

Located in the Engineering Department at The University of Auckland in New Zealand, we are always happy to host guests, researchers and those who have an interest in the novel and exciting world of nanomechanical properties.

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