Consulting for Industry Solutions


Measuring the hardness of nano- and micro-structures is simple using nanoindentation, and with our large selection of diamond tips available we can tailor the test to perfectly suit your material.

Scratch & Wear Resistance

Tribology is the science of rubbing surfaces together either with an increasing load to measure scratch resistance or with a constant load to measure friction and wear resistance.

Thin Film Characterisation

Our true expertise lies in the testing and characterization of thin films and coatings where we can measure thickness, delamination and adhesion force as well as coating cure time for polymeric films.

Biological Materials

With our in-fluid test chambers and anti-wicking tips, we can measure the modulus and stiffness of biological samples including hard and soft tissue as well as biomaterials used for the medical industry.

Through Uniservices, we are able to offer a variety of consulting options including failure analysis; corrosion investigations; materials testing; materials selection and recommendations and testing and analysis of thin films and coatings.

When mechanical failure occurs, we get to the root cause with our investigative expertise. Our group has extensive experience with many aspects of materials engineering, failure analysis, and professional materials consulting. With experience and knowledge in many aspects of manufacturing processes, product performance, and design criteria, our line of professional service are second to none.

Our true expertise lies in the testing and characterization of small structures and thin films, from individual nanoparticles and DLC coatings, to polymer stent coatings and tribological films.  The deformation mechanics at the nano- and micro- scale are still poorly understood in comparison to those of the bulk material.  We will help you to understand those differences and suggest the best test method to predict the failure of your new material in a realistic test condition.