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Michelle regularly discusses science news on TV3, including Firstline Breakfast,
The Paul Henry Show and 3rd Degree

Firstline Breakfast

5 November 2014

Why scratching makes you itch more

20 August 2014

Tarantula venom, swarming kilobots and light sensing cells

7 August 2014

Aspirin taken daily shows reduction in risk of cancer development

11 June 2014

Bacteria exposure linked to lower asthma risk, sleep for memory and spider milk

7 May 2014

Fibre as an appetite suppressant, NASA plant pillows and nano gold send pressure

8 April 2014

Paralysis treatments, dissolving electronics and why zebra have stripes

2 April 2014

Autism starts before birth, compound emotions written on your face and TB transferred by cats

26 February 2014

Artificial muscles, vibration charging your phone and new protein helps understand infertility

22 January 2014

Rosetta Space Probe, Twerking spiders and Bird flight aerodynamics

18 December 2013

Biggest science breakthroughs of the year with Dr Heather Hendrickson

27 November 2013

Flying Jellyfish robots, sweetness detection linked to obesity and silver electrode for potential taste TV

23 October 2013

Why we need to sleep, cloning hair follicles to treat baldness, capturing methane from cows

2 October 2013

Moa coprolite, water found on Mars and science making a real lightsaber

4 September 2013

Infertility treatments, jetlag cures and ununpentium

28 August 2013

Purifying water, exercise in a pill and how fast are snails?

10 July 2013

Printed bone casts and cheaper IVF treatments

19 June 2013

Flouride in water and composite aircraft

15 May 2013

Preventing cancer and making space cool

The Paul Henry Show

18 May 2015

Is being a ‘drama queen’ genetic?

25 May 2015

Top 10 new species of 2015!

3 November 2014

Private space research, should we still pursue it after several disasters?

15 July 2014

Organic foods and nutrition, are they really healthier for you?

28 March 2014

Can exercise harm you and the placebo effect in healing oils

26 March 2014

FAT10 Gene for weight loss, InfraRed Contact Lenses and E-Cigarettes

4 March 2014

Top 5 scientifically proven ways to help lengthen your lifespan

28 January 2014

Does mouthwash increase your risk of heart attack and stroke?

3rd Degree

5 October 2012

3d printing, from child’s play to replacement organs

Primetime News

19 August 2014

4D printing, what is it and what are its potential uses?

5 October 2012

Superhydrophobic coatings can make mobile phones waterproof – run up to TEDx Auckland event