Dr Michelle Dickinson is a frequent keynote speaker at events all over the world, and with her busy schedule booking early is advised.  With two decades experience in the tech sector and co-authoring a bestselling book on innovation Michelle brings these subjects to live with her energetic and hands on talks.

‘Are robots going to take our jobs?’  ‘How do you become innovative?’ and ‘What does the future of technology look like?’ are just a few popular talks that Michelle creates for your industry needs.

As a big advocate for learning, Michelle is always happy to speak at your school or community event, however please understand that as she receives several requests a week to do this, she may not be able to commit to all requests.

You can book Michelle for a corporate event here

To book Michelle for a local school or community event please e-mail your request here

For those wanting to improve their public speaking skills, Michelle teamed up with Microsofts Dr James Whittaker to discuss the introverts and the extroverts guide for “How to Rock the Stage”.

The slides associated with the talk can be viewed here, but we agreed that the general rules to follow for a successful presentation are:

Have one key message, Make sure you are well prepared, Start strong, Use props wisely, Use voice control, Body language, Nail the Landing

It won’t help you with your nerves, but it might help you to prepare for your first or even your fiftieth public talk.