Radio Media

Michelle gives regular commentary on national radio stations such as Radio Live, Kiwi FM, Radio New Zealand and bFM. She believes that Science should be available for everybody in the wider public, and that it’s not as scary as it sometimes seems. Michelle chats freely about Science and discusses how it brings us the comforts we’ve come to love in modern day life, as well as some of the topics that are taking us into undiscovered territories for the future.

Radio Live

Radio Live interviews with Mark Sainsbury on the science of superhero’s and how New Zealand research is getting us there.

Nanotechnology Series

Interview 1 – Nanotechnology in cosmetics

Interview 2 – Nanotechnology in medicine

Interview 3 – Nanotechnology in clothing

Interview 4 – Nanotechnology in water purification

Interview 5 – Nanotechnology in food

Interview 6 – Nanotechnology in food packaging

Interview 7 – Nanotechnology in food

Interview 8 – Nanotechnology for superblack coatings

Interview 9 – Nanotechnology for explosives detection

Interview 10 – Nanotechnology for diabetes detection

Interview 11 – Nanosheets for treating severe skin burns

Interview 12 – Nanotechnology for biobatteries powered by sweat

Interview 13 – Graphene and rubber bands for cheap nanotechnology sensor

Interview 14 – Nanotech and breast cancer protection

Interview 15 – Nanotechnology and the death of curtains

Interview 16 – Nanotech with wine and beer

Interview 17 – Gold nanorods and mucus

Interview 18 – Nanotechnology and eye medicine

Interview 19 – Castle preservation and nanotechnology

Interview 20 – Nanotechnology and safer batteries

Interview 21 – Longhorn beetles and counterfeiting

Interview 22 – Nanotechnology and bleeding – creation of nanoplatelets

Interview 23 – Nanotechnology for spray on solar cells

Interview 24 – Nanotechnology quantum dots in your TV

Interview 25 – Nanotechnology to measure glucose  in a temporary tattoo

Interview 26 – How to uncook and egg and why medicine will benefit

Interview 27 – Nanotechnology for inhalable vaccines

Interview 28 – Nanotechnology eating worms for toxicity studies

Interview 29 – Nanotechnology motors powered by stomach acid

Interview 30 – Nanotechnology to create a wearable, printable temperature sensor

Interview 31 – Nanotechnology powers devices in your jacket

Interview 32 – Nanotechnology behind the colour change in chameleons

Interview 33 – Nanotechnology allows you to draw sensors with a ballpoint pen

Interview 34 – Nanotechnology slows ripening of fruit too keep it from spoiling

Interview 35 – Electrosprayed nano water as an antibacterial treatment for chicken

Interview 36 – Nanotechnology created oleophobic coating to separate oil from water

Interview 37 – Nanotechnology in Tesla’s new Powerwall Lithium Ion Battery

Interview 38 – Nanotechnology used to weigh one single molecule

Interview 39 – Nanotechnology on butterfly wing for less reflective touchscreens

Interview 40 – Lemon derived nanoparticles for treating jaundice