Michelle has featured in many newspapers and magazines as she opens up about her life as a scientist and an engineer. She also contributes scientific articles to magazines to help showcase the importance of science in our everyday lives.

NZ Herald

Green Ideas Magazine

Media Articles

May 2015 “Girls opportunities  abound in tech sector” TechDay

May 2015 “Nanogirl named as Bright  Sparks Ambassador” Scoop

May 2015 “Public speaking, do men and women need to do it differently?” Computer World

March 2015 “Self confidence sets millennial women apart” Stuff

March 2015 “12 Questions with Dr Michelle Dickinson” New Zealand Herald

March 2015 “Mosaic of a lady, 5 super femme stories” Huffington Post

November 2014 “How gaming helps New Zealand’s Nanogirl to excel in Tech” Computer World

October 2014 “Tech is taking over the world, here is how Kiwi kids can keep up” Computer World

September 2014 “Cool intro into Surface Pro 3” Stuff

September 2014 “Nanotech boom looming says Auckland Scientist” NZ Herald

July 2014 ‘Science supergirl has world at her gecko feet’ NZ Herald

June 2014 “Nanogirl to take on TEDx” Stuff


Michelle’s recent public articles

May 2015 “What if scientists were celebrities? Villainesse
April 2015 “Whats Greener – takeaway container comparisons” Green Ideas Magazine
February 2015 “Whats Greener – food scraps” Green Ideas Magazine
December 2014 “How green is your diamond engagement ring?” Green Ideas Magazine
June 2014 “Scientific Advances Could Bring Superpowers to life” New Zealand Herald
June 2014 “Superhero Powers to become science fact not fiction”
June 2014 “Liquid or bar soap – environmental impacts of each” Green ideas magazine
January 2014 “What’s Greener – planes, trains or automobiles?” Green ideas magazine
December 2013 “What’s Greener – deciding on the best Christmas tree” Green ideas Magazine
June 2013 Feature Article “Which milk bottle is greener?” Green Ideas Magazine